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This pages lists companies, suppliers and promotion partners we consider friends. The descriptive texts are taken form the web sites of the partners (some translated from the german version by us, where an english version was not available).
Altium Designer

Altium provides world-leading unified design solutions that break down the barriers to innovation and help organizations easily harness the latest devices and technologies to create their next generation of electronic products.
PTB Braunschweig
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

Der Arbeitskreis II setzt sich aus verschiedenen Ausbildungsbetrieben und der Berufsbildenden Schule zusammen, die einen untereinander abgestimmten Lehrplan & Projekte für den Ausbildungsberuf Elektroniker/in für Geräte und Systeme (EGS) ausarbeiten. Die Dokumentation der Projekte und alle bentigten Informationen können hier von den AK2 Mitgliedern herunter geladen werden.
Siggi Braun
Siggi Braun - Fine Young Guitars

Please take a short look at out company logo. What do you see? You are seeing pure passion! We also have it, this vision of the magic moments and we live it evry day when we construct a new dream guitar, and especially when we hand it over to it's new owner. Look at the guitars in our galleries, these all are individual dreams of our customers, which we made reality.
Häussel Pickups
German High-End Pickups

Harry Häussel: I´m working on a pickup collection since 1995, which contains nearly all standard models keeping priorities on producing unique and special-type pickups. Various guitarbuilders equipe their instruments with my selfmade pickups nowadays. I also manufacture "OEM" pickups, which are distributed under other labels.
Tubes and more

Tube Amp Doctor (TAD) is a Germany based company dedicated to the research and development of tubes and accessories for musical instruments amplification. All the finished equipment like the Silencer(tm), Bias Master(tm), RangeKing(tm) etc. offered under TAD trademark has been engineered, designed and gets handcrafted at TAD.
detailor - You imagine, we create.

detailor is the enterprise of Arnold Elbel, successfully active as a service provider since 1996. Since then drawings for engineering, electronic, wood construction and general construction serve as the foundation for the company. Building upon this the services where expanded in 2004, focusing on milling services. Currently Arnold Elbel, as a general manager, together with freelancers is working on the customers orders. This flexibility enables detailor to a customer-friendly pricing. The companys philosophy "You imagine, we create." promises that your conceptions and ideas are realized in detail in the field of milling and engraving.
SOMMER Cable: Cables and more

Over the past years audio products have become more complex and performance oriented. This is not an easy challenge for a cable manufacturer. Cables are no longer just important for a select group of people or for dreamers, but for the manufacturers of instruments, studio technology, and technical media units. Now even the amateur feels and hears the change in sound and no longer depends on phantasy, imagination, and subjective judgement.
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