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GP1: Technical Details
Are you looking for audio electronics with a twist? If so, you found the right place! Our lead developer Vsevolod "Sebastian" Kulik has been neglecting his wife and children for several months to develop the best guitar preamp in the world. Now we are delighted to announce that the wirewrap prototype, "Project Lotus" is slowly evolving into a product, the GP-1 Pure, which will be on sale shortly. To set your mouth watering, here are a few details about the technical highlights of the GP-1 Pure:
Type: Tube Guitar Preamplifier
Origin: Germany
Technology: 3 x ECC83S (JJ), Speaker Emulator (Semiconductor)
Channels: 3 (Crystal, Sharp, Blade)
Controller per channel: Gain, Mode-Switch, 3-way passive equalizer, Volume
Switches: Channel (front), Speaker Emu Mic.Pos. (back), Speaker Emu Stage (back)
Connections: Input, Main Out, Footswitch, Tuner Out, Speaker Emu Out (6,3mm and XLR)
Dimensions: 19 inch, 2 U, 30 cm (12in) deep, weight: 3,1 kg
1666.00 EUR
plus shipping
The sound of each channel in the individual modes is defined by a plugable sound-module. An initial tuning is included in the purchase price. You can hear the detail on the Custom Shop page.
Of course the amp features a quater-inch input jack, but also three and a half outputs:
Main-Output: A quater-inch jack of course. For those having trouble with hum-loops, the output is galvanically isolated by a transformer.
Tuner-Output: A special feature is the buffered output for a tuner, an additional amp or an extra effect chain.
D.I.-Output: Those who prefer playing or recording via mixer or sound card will be happy about the symetric speaker-emulated D.I. XLR jack. The signal also is available on a quater-inch jack. The speaker-emulator has two microphone positions and two box types (Stage: 2 x 12 or 4 x 12), so everyone can pick thier favorite.
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