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Presenting the GP-1 Pure Preamp
Here it is: A pure Class A 3-Channel Guitar Preamp, built in all-tube technology. Inside the 19 inch rack mount case three channels wait to entertain you with their sounds.
Price: 1,866.- EUR (incl. VAT)
The CRYSTAL Channel
Makes a mark with its pure clean sound, not only suitable for cool and clear chords, but also for precisely reproducing single-note sequences. It features a mode switch, allowing you to choose between three distinct base-sounds - from very warm, vintage style too cool, nearly HiFi.
the SHARP Channel
Apart from having everything a high-gain channel needs to have nowadays, it is even possible to get a clean sound in the lower gain area. At maximum gain level the tone still stays clearly defined and the specific character of the instrument is not drowned. The mighty and brute sound volume nevertheless stays very dynamic. The mode switch - also present here - allows a tone character from 70s style too ultra-modern high-gain. Guitar players into drop tuning are also well rewarded.
the BLADE Channel
The perfect channel for all guitar players who always use all the gain available, but could not be satisfied up to date. Simply the best for sustain, sustain and ... sustain. Viagra for you lead sound! Not to mention: A mode switch is provided here too. Even in the high gain area the tone is still clearly defined and distinctly separable.
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