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2. June 2009: Project Name: Violence

Under the project name Violence Kulik Design is currently developing a head. It is based on a new preamp design with four preamp tubes.
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GP-1 Guitar Preamp

The only preamp on the market which is customized from the start!
The GP-1 is the guitar preamp, capable of realizing also the sound you are imagining. Apart from three channels with three distinct modes each, the sound can be adapted to you special needs by means of an easily changable sound module.
VA-1 100 Watts Poweramp

Tube power at it's best giving livey sound at you fingertipps.
A high-bread 100 watts tube amp for fine valve-power. Ideal to complement the GP-1. It can be populated with a variety of driver tubes to accomodate the sound to various tastes.
Custom Shop: Your Choice

Your wishs are what our Custom Shop is about.
From specific fine-tuning our products to a crocodile leather coated front, our custon shop will fulfill your wished. And if our products don't match your needs, perhaps a special design can held. Ask us!
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GP-1 Preamp and VA-1 poweramp
GP-1 Preamp and VA-1 poweramp
Whispers in the Shadows, concert in Vienna 2/08
GP-1 Preamp and VA-1 poweramp prototype
L'ame Immortelle, concert in Vienna 2/08
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